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Tips for a Great Online Dating Profile

The dating scene has changed a lot over the last twenty years. With the mainstream acceptance of the internet and online dating, many people that wouldn’t normally have time to date now have a unique opportunity to meet new people. But how can you make a great profile? And how do you know what you’re really going to get from the other person when you meet? The key to all of online dating is honesty. If you put nothing but honesty in your profile, you are much more likely to find a honest person as well.

Making an online profile can be stressful considering you’re trying to give a great first impression to everyone on the website. But like anything that is stressful, making an online profile for dating is a lot easier if you break it down into parts.
First off, you need to find a profile picture that suits you well. Your main picture should include your full face and body. There’s no need to hide anything when you’re trying to find a serious relationship. After all, honesty is a cornerstone of any great relationship. Also, add supplemental pictures of you on vacation and doing hobbies you enjoy. These will serve as great conversation starters which can lead to great dates!

Second is your username. This tip is easy. When your making your username, remember K-I-S-S. That stands for keep it simple stupid. By not making your username confusing or provocative, you can rest assured that you’re not giving a bad impression with your name.

Your picture and username are a good start, but those are the easy parts. Most online dating profiles have a headline where you can leave a little blurb about yourself to everyone who sees your profile. Keep this cute and flirty, and inside jokes or weird innuendos can be off putting.

Once you’ve got a good profile picture, username, and headline, you will have a good base for your profile. But by far the most important part of your profile is the “about me” paragraph. Just like your profile, you should break this down into three parts.
The first part of your about me paragraph should be about who and what you like to do. Just a couple sentences, no one likes to read a book for an online dating profile. The second part of your paragraph should include pet peeves and quirks. If someone has similar oddities to you it will form an instant link and you will have a conversation starter. The closing of your about me section should tell other users what your life is currently like. That means where you live, what you do for work, any pets you have; basically you’re describing your current living situation.

At the end of the day, these are just suggestions on how to build an online dating profile. If you’d rather do things a different way, go ahead! The most important part of online dating is being yourself. If you can embrace who you are, good things are bound to happen.