meI decided to create dating-journal.com in 2013 after I met my soul mate online. My aim with the website is to give crucial and supportive advice to men and women that are looking for someone special and trying online dating. There may be hundreds of dating websites out there, but not so much advice on how to go about it. Some sites are easy to use, others aren’t, and there are many things that can help you while you are on your journey looking to find ‘the one’ or just some ‘fun’.

When I was 23, I thought I had found the guy I wanted to be with forever. We had a whirlwind romance and a fairly big white wedding. Three years later, we decided to part ways as we were not happy together, and I got thrown into the singles market again. It was scary at first, but then I ended up enjoying myself and having various flings. I work in an office environment and I am surrounded by men, but most of them are arrogant and I didn’t want to mix business with pleasure so I turned down a lot of offers.

However, after a few years of flings and one time dates, I started to get lonely, and a friend suggested online dating. Initially I thought it was a crazy idea, but then I realized it was very normal and there are thousands of people online searching for someone special like me. I joined a couple of different websites, but found it hard to know what write about myself, how personal to be, and which people I should contact. I ended up going on a lot of dates, which was an interesting experience.

On my 25th date, I finally met George, and we clicked right away. He became my best friend, and 4 years later we are still going strong. We now have a son, and spend our free time going on adventures traveling and enjoying the great outdoors.

George had joined an online dating site 6 months before we met, and found it difficult finding women he got along with. He was thinking of giving up right before we met. We were sitting one evening discussing our experiences with online dating with some friends, and it just hit me. Why doesn’t anyone give advice? There are so many websites for dating, but none to give you any advice on what to do to get the best out of it. That’s when I began creating dating-journal.com.

I want to help all single women and men out there who are struggling with dating. Not only online dating, but all kinds, we will provide help, answer any questions and give assistance on all aspects of dating. The website is something that I wished I had available when I was dating, as it would have helped me to find George a lot quicker, without wasting my time and effort worrying about what to do and who to meet. I hope dating-journal can guide you as you seek your soul mate, because he or she is out there somewhere.