A Review Of My Dating Experiences Using The Girlfriend Activation System

If you haven’t already heard about Christian’s Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS), then I’m here to give you a little insight into this amazing program.  If you have heard about his Girlfriend System and are still on the fence about whether or not to make the purchase, you are already exhibiting the type of passive personality traits that send beautiful women running in the opposite direction.  Sucks, I know.  But true.

I know exactly what that’s like…

Being assertive and dominant were two areas I was significantly lacking, and once I consumed all the videos in the newest version of the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS V2), I began to see exactly why my dating history was as poor as it was.

Before I go into detail about how this program changed my dating world, I want to clarify that it is not your typical online program.  It’s not an ebook or PDF file that you download to your computer.  Instead, the Girlfriend Activation System is more of an all-access pass to a recorded 2-day seminar that walks you step-by-step through every phase of the dating process.

I don’t know you, but since you’re here reading this, you’re probably a pretty cool dude.  I’ll go ahead and assume my sad dating experience story is the same in many respects to your own.

I was the guy who decided early on that I was not the bad boy type, and that I was going to get my women by being the good boy, the shoulder to cry on, the warm pillow, the rock.   AKA the doormat.

Although I never got much “action” aside from an occasional hug or kiss on the cheek, my technique actually did help me get over my fear of talking to beautiful women, as they began to confide in me all their deepest dreams and desires. The problem was they all began talking about how hot they were for these guys who were terrible for them.

You know the type: the guys that didn’t give them the time of day, didn’t listen to them, didn’t help them through challenges.  Guys who were, in just about every sense of the word, the complete opposite of me.

But time and time again, I worked my way into the lives of these sexy women, only to have to listen to them go on and on about the “other guy” and what they should do to attract his attention.  What I really became was their very best “girlfriend”.

Needless to say, I was in the friend zone more often than not, and not once did any of those women see me as boyfriend material.

I also tried the club scene, striking out more often than not. The one thing I was excellent at was being the wing man for my friends who would wind up with these drunk, loose, one night stands that were only distant memories the next day.

And then something happened that changed everything…

One day at work, I got a call from an old college friend who was in town for the day and wanted to do lunch. We talked about women of course, and this guy was hooking up with some of the most stunning women on the planet. He wasn’t any better looking than me.  He just had this confidence and charm about him that was unreal.

I swear if the guy was alone on a deserted island, some hot chicks number would come floating to him in a glass bottle.  It was ridiculous.

When we talked about my pathetic dating scene, he told me that if I wanted to date the hottest women around, then I needed to go register an account at GFAS.  “GFAS?”, I asked.

“Yeah, it stands for the Girlfriend Activation System.  Seriously man, just do it,” was his reply.

On a side note, if you don’t already know someone who is part of the GFAS community, then I think the best way to learn about the program is to check out the Girlfriend Activation System reviews over at wonderwarp.com and stabilitypact.org.  They should help a lot.

As it turns out, my friend had purchased an earlier version of the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS V1), and he swore it totally changed the way he interacted with women.

Seeing him out with 9’s and 10’s every time we bumped into each other, and hearing him talk about all the hotties I never met was enough for me.

So that night of course I did register, and right away the program was more than I expected.

First, the earlier version of the Girlfriend Activation System is available to watch, but then there is also the brand new version (GFAS V2). There is a bonus section that has an additional 17 programs which I haven’t even got around to looking at yet, and even ongoing monthly training called the Ten Code if you want it.

I decided to first dive into the newer version, and I watched and listened intently as Christian (the creator of the program) told story after story about how he used to be that shoulder to cry on.  He was the guy who brought flowers and gifts to the first date, the guy who couldn’t read a woman’s signals to save his life, and the guy who was always done in by some douchebag who would swoop in and steal his dream girl right from under his nose.

So what did I learn from the Girlfriend Activation System?

Well, the first thing I learned was how to identify if a woman is sexually interested in you or not with 4 simple questions. Talk about a huge time and effort saver.

I began to understand why women love the dominant male, and how they are always testing guys without guys even knowing it.  By being able to make a move before they could test me, I could gain the upper hand and control the outcome of just about any situation.

I must have watched all 23 GFAS videos 3 or 4 times because I didn’t want to miss anything.  And, if I’m being totally honest here, at the time I was pretty damn pathetic with women so what else was I going to do late on Friday night?

Something must have clicked because all the watching and re-watching led to the next phase of my Girlfriend Activation System development.

I took on a new persona with women that was more masculine, and began projecting it on a stunning co-worker at our office complex who I’m not too proud to admit was way out of my league. In fact, she had a boyfriend already (or at least I think so because some dude would come visit her from time to time at the office), but I decided to try out some of the GFAS techniques anyway. This stunning little redhead wore knee high stockings, high heels, had flawless skin, a soft spoken sexy voice, and a body to die for.

So my plan was simple: I either give up and act like a wimp, or I go big and crash in a giant ball of flames (and maybe even get fired).   I didn’t really care at this point.

I decided to approach her and project my new masculine power on her using some of the stuff Christian taught inside the Girlfriend Activation System. I didn’t expect to get far and didn’t really have very high expectations, so my fears were actually nonexistent.

I walked up and said hello to her, and focused on showing her that I was a competent male. This was a new concept for me, but apparently women dig guys who have their act together.

I began small talk, then told her about my huge plans for this year and how I expected them to happen.  More than anything I did my best to be a tease and a challenge when she tried to respond to me.  I think she was expecting me to fall all over her like every other guy, and when I began to walk away, something incredible happened. She told me to text her sometime and gave me her number!

This girl was so far out of my league that I walked around my office for an hour in disbelief. Now rather than act like my old self and text her every five seconds, I utilized the texting instructions within the program, and only gave her little pieces of information to remain mysterious.

After ignoring her for a while, I eventually texted her and said I was too busy to talk, but if she wanted to stop by my condo later we could hang for a while and maybe grab a drink. She came over and, well, we never left the condo.

I have never been the same since that day. When this little redhead got too clingy, I moved on to my next object of desire, and continued to try out the different techniques I learned from Christian’s Girlfriend System.

My girlfriend quality has skyrocketed this year, and I date just about any woman I want at this point. I am so obsessed with how well the Girlfriend Activation System works, I am confident I will find the girl of my dreams this year and maybe even settle down with someone on my terms.  After all, the system is really more about helping you find a long-term girlfriend than it is about scoring with hot chicks (but that definitely happens along the way).

The Girlfriend Activation System transformed the way women see me and how I see myself, and now I feel like I have complete confidence to control every interaction with any woman, no matter how stunningly beautiful she is.

There is something in this program for every guy, regardless of your age, wealth, career, or dating experience.  If you are looking to attract that one amazing woman you really want, I’m convinced the best foundation for doing just that will be found by using the techniques inside the Girlfriend Activation System.

Advice For A First Date

Ah, the first date; a situation with the ability to enthrall us with enchantment, paralyze us with anxiety, or torture us with boredom. No matter how many of them we’ve been on, those initial butterflies don’t seem to let up, and for many, they’re out of our control.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just goes to show what a melting pot of chemical reactions a first date can be. Whether we end up happy or disappointed, the prospect of a first date with someone we’re genuinely interested in can be a big deal – and that’s why a lot of us get so nervous.

These are tips for both men and women who want some advice on how to make the first date go more smoothly. While some of these tips may not apply to your personality type, they can at least be thought of as ideas to help you shift your perspective and loosen up.

Dress nicely
This is just as important for you as it is for your date: you don’t have to dress in a tuxedo or a ballroom gown, but wear something nice that makes you feel comfortable and confident about yourself. When you start that first date you’re likely to criticize yourself for things you could have done better – why not take some preemptive measures to reduce that criticism? If you look nice, you’ll feel nice, and that can make a big difference.

Your date will see that you dressed sharp, which is a sign that you actually care about being there with them. It’s a subtlety, but it matters!

Ask questions
Asking people questions about themselves is an excellent way to spark up conversation. If you just sit there and stare at your phone or the menu or the sidewalk, that’s gonna be a bad sign to your date. You wanted to be there with them, so ask them about who they are, what they like, what they think!
I’ve already mentioned the next one, and in this day and age, it’s probably one of the most important tips I could give anyone.

Put your &#$@ing phone away
I’m serious! You didn’t go out on a date with this person so you could sit there texting your friends or browsing Instagram – and honestly, if that’s what you end up doing, then the date must not be going very well. Unless you’re using your phone to bring up a funny video on YouTube you told them about, or a song you like, just make the effort and keep the phone in your pocket. Nothing says “I’m very interested in getting to know you and I like being around you” better than forgetting that you even have your phone while you talk to them.

This might seem a bit extreme to you, but just like dressing nice, it’s a subtlety that your date will notice and appreciate.

Easy on the booze
I get it, you like drinking, and it makes you mellow out and feel more confident. But think about how it will look to your date if you breeze through 8 beers during dinner and are noticeably buzzed. Unless your date is meeting you halfway and you’re slamming shots while arm wrestling each other, just take it easy, you know? If you hit it off with them, you’ll have plenty of time to get hammered once you’re more comfortable with each other. You don’t want to raise any red flags right off the bat.

If you’re really that nervous that you have to drink in order to stay calm, you might want to think about exercising more often, or drinking a lot of soothing tea, like chamomile. Figure out what will make you chill out throughout your day and do those things before you go on the date.

Be candid
This is the most important tip I can give you. You need to test the water and see if you can really be yourself around this person, right? There’s no better way to do that than to just be you. And I’m sure you’re sick and tired of hearing the “be yourself” catchphrase, but there’s a reason why people say it. The more “yourself” you can be around your date, the more you know that you could actually get to like this person and spend more time with them.

If there’s a moment of awkward silence, or you can see that your date is nervous too, talk about it! Make it into a joke that you can both laugh at. Do everything you can to break the ice and get the conversation off to a smooth start. The more honest you are, the more honest they’ll be, and the easier it will be for both of you to truly get to know each other.

First dates can be magical things – treat them with respect and you’re likely to get some good results!

Can An Online Relationship Work Out In The End?

Nowadays online relationships have become more common than ever before. Many people are extremely picky about the people they choose to date, and they just can’t seem to find anyone that makes them feel that special way. It can be really depressing to be alone for long periods of time, and instead of wallowing in sadness and giving up on finding someone, they turn to the next best thing to the real world: the Internet.

With sites like OKCupid, Match.com, eHarmony and others, not only has it become easier than ever to find potential partners, it’s actually even better than real life is at sending potential partners your way. With dating sites you’re able to see how compatible you may be with another person, what hobbies and interests you share, and read a bit about who they are. This way you can weed out those who you can tell you wouldn’t want to date, while giving more attention to those who you would.
Very often – far more often than you probably realize – people in different parts of the world meet through the Internet either through these sites or through any number of other methods, and they develop a strong connection. They spend hours upon hours talking on Skype video chat, writing messages to each other on Facebook, and sometimes, they fall in love. When this happens, it’s bittersweet; the prospect of warm, fulfilling love makes them happy, while the distance only serves to torment them over time.

Now, I’m not going to lie: most of the time, online relationships don’t end up working out. I mean how can you have a relationship with a person you’re never actually physically with? How can you truly experience each other if you only exist inside each other’s computer? How can you satisfy your sexual desires through a computer screen? You can’t.

However, that doesn’t mean that an online relationship is a bad thing; it just means that it can only truly be a temporary state of long distance interaction. How long that long distance lasts depends on the people in question and what they’re willing to sacrifice in order to make the relationship work. If one partner goes to visit the other and they have a wonderful time together, then great! They’ve discovered that they really do have that connection, and they know they want to fully devote themselves to each other.

But then comes the ever tougher hurdle: who moves where? Do either of them have enough money to move to another state, or another country? Could they find work in that other place? Would they be okay with uprooting their whole life and moving to somewhere that might be completely alien to them, just for the person they love? It all sounds terribly romantic, although maybe not terribly realistic.

The point is that yes, online relationships can work out. But they can’t work out by remaining online relationships forever. That’s a given; we’re animals, we have needs, we require affection and physical contact to be truly satisfied with our relationships. Turning an online relationship into a real one is very hard, but it’s certainly not impossible. The most important thing that a potential couple that meet online should keep in mind is that they’re in for a very difficult ride, and only by making some serious sacrifices and altering the course of their lives can they truly make their relationship work out.

Tips for a Great Online Dating Profile

The dating scene has changed a lot over the last twenty years. With the mainstream acceptance of the internet and online dating, many people that wouldn’t normally have time to date now have a unique opportunity to meet new people. But how can you make a great profile? And how do you know what you’re really going to get from the other person when you meet? The key to all of online dating is honesty. If you put nothing but honesty in your profile, you are much more likely to find a honest person as well.

Making an online profile can be stressful considering you’re trying to give a great first impression to everyone on the website. But like anything that is stressful, making an online profile for dating is a lot easier if you break it down into parts.
First off, you need to find a profile picture that suits you well. Your main picture should include your full face and body. There’s no need to hide anything when you’re trying to find a serious relationship. After all, honesty is a cornerstone of any great relationship. Also, add supplemental pictures of you on vacation and doing hobbies you enjoy. These will serve as great conversation starters which can lead to great dates!

Second is your username. This tip is easy. When your making your username, remember K-I-S-S. That stands for keep it simple stupid. By not making your username confusing or provocative, you can rest assured that you’re not giving a bad impression with your name.

Your picture and username are a good start, but those are the easy parts. Most online dating profiles have a headline where you can leave a little blurb about yourself to everyone who sees your profile. Keep this cute and flirty, and inside jokes or weird innuendos can be off putting.

Once you’ve got a good profile picture, username, and headline, you will have a good base for your profile. But by far the most important part of your profile is the “about me” paragraph. Just like your profile, you should break this down into three parts.
The first part of your about me paragraph should be about who and what you like to do. Just a couple sentences, no one likes to read a book for an online dating profile. The second part of your paragraph should include pet peeves and quirks. If someone has similar oddities to you it will form an instant link and you will have a conversation starter. The closing of your about me section should tell other users what your life is currently like. That means where you live, what you do for work, any pets you have; basically you’re describing your current living situation.

At the end of the day, these are just suggestions on how to build an online dating profile. If you’d rather do things a different way, go ahead! The most important part of online dating is being yourself. If you can embrace who you are, good things are bound to happen.